What’s in my Mitten {Craftivity}


Scrolling through my many goals during progress report week (sigh), I noticed many of them focused on writing this year. Writing is huge. It takes language to the next level. Many of my students can speak in sentence but then add in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, and you have a recipe for disaster. As much as I love […]

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Why EVERY SLP should Instagram


I’m slow to change. Okay, actually, I hate change. I wish I didn’t. I wish I could be one of those people that takes change by the horns and embraces it. But…I’m not. And…it’s everywhere. As soon as you learn one thing, it seems another has already popped up. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been slow […]

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Quick Artic Deck and Winter Freebie!

artic deck

I gave these little gems away at ASHA and kept hearing requests for more! So….over Christmas break, I formatted them into a digital version, made them a tad bigger, added tabs for organization and added more sounds! It’s perfect for those quick screenings on the go! And…this hand-held size easily slips into a purse or pocket […]

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Our Role as…. Counselors?


We wear a lot of hats. My school psychologist once told me “A speech therapist’s job is divided into three parts. One part therapist, one part teacher, and one part school psychologist.” She got it. We do teach. We do evaluate. We do progress monitor. We do paperwork. But we also often have the privilege […]

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“S…Peachy” Feedback Linky Party!


  Are you getting ready for Christmas? As I’m writing this post for S…Peachy Feedback, I’m listening to Christmas music and LOVING it! What Child is this…who laid to rest… What is it? “S…Peachy” Feedback is a monthly linky where TPT sellers reward customers who leave insightful, helpful and encouraging feedback on products bought from […]

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Easy Snowglobe Craftivity


  Here in room 134, we’ve been busy making snow globes and learning some new winter vocabulary! The kids LOVE crafts so the last few days before Christmas is usually when I pull out something fun and easy for them to whip up.  Snow globes are my favorite because you can use them even after […]

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What’s in Your Cart? Linky Party!


Today I’m super excited to be linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News! It seems like it’s been a while since that last TPT sale in August and my wishlist is bulging.     During this sale, my entire store will be 20% off! And…you can get some extra savings by using the […]

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#ASHA14 Fun!


If you’ve been on Instagram, I’m sure your feed has been FILLED TO THE BRINK with ASHA pictures. If you’re like me and are still trying to figure out Instagram, I thought I’d fill you here on one of the most AMAZING weeks of my life! If you weren’t able to make it this year, […]

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ASHA 2014…Here We Come!


Tomorrow night I am boarding a plane and flying down to Orlando. This was us yesterday:   I sat on my couch enjoying a snow day, watching movies and drinking hot cocoa. Tomorrow I will be in 70 degree Florida weather.  It will be my first time flying alone, and I’ll admit it, I’m a […]

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