More Flipmarks! {and Sale!}

L and L blend

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! I was in charge of pies and green bean casserole this year and the whole house smelled delicious, as I’m sure yours did too! This weekend I’ve been cranking out a few more flip marks to add to my collection and they’re just in time for the […]

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What’s in Your Cart {Linky}


Sale? Did I hear the word SALE? This girl loves a good sale and that is especially true when she can do all of her shopping from her couch with her pajama pants still on. The TPT Cyber Monday sale is happening Monday, November 30th and December 1st (but like you didn’t already know that….). […]

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Articulation Flipmarks


This week has been Busy, (with a capital “B”), am I right? Even though it’s a short week for most of us, it always seems like there is so, SO much to do around this time of year. If you didn’t catch it, I blogged over on Speech to the Core this week about my crazy, […]

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Nonfiction Texts Targeting Articulation AND Language

Winter Nonfiction AL

Sometimes schedules don’t always fit into nice little boxes, do they? Sometimes, you might just need to schedule a student working on articulation together with a student working on language. The dreaded MIXED GROUPS. DUN…DUN…DUNNNN… Since I’ve had so many of these difficult mixed groups, I’ve started making a new product line geared to making […]

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Thanksgiving Gratitude Boxes


Since an at-home caseload varies, this year the majority of my students are older, with my grades ranging from 3rd grade to 9th grade. That could change next week, but for now, I get the pleasure of working with these sweet older (dare I even say, more mature) students. If you know me at all, […]

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MOOWI Speech Puppets {Product Review}

MOOWI Puppets

  Today I’m excited to review a product that are all the rage in my speech room. MOOWI speech puppets are small, hand-held puppets that aid in the teaching of speech sounds. I choose the adorable giraffe and my students quickly named him George. My favorite part of “George” (and all their puppets) is his […]

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Well here I am, sitting in an airport, waiting to go back home from easily the best trip of my professional career. If you didn’t get to attend ASHA this year, I think you should put it on your calendar for next year…right now.  We arrived in a cold snowy Denver on Wednesday evening. My […]

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Countdown to #ASHA15 (and Sale!)

sale during asha

I think you should come to ASHA. Just so I can meet you. Even if you haven’t bought your ticket or asked off work, be spontaneous and just do it. I know, I know. It’s expensive and you might not have any time off work, but I would love to see you there. Last year was […]

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DIY Craft from an Oatmeal Container


One of my students LOVES angry birds. Yes L.O.V.E.S. She will do anything I ask if it involves angry birds. So… I created this fun craft using an oatmeal container. I made it with angry birds in mind, but you could totally make whatever character your students are into! Grab one of those big oat […]

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