Speak Life


I was completely blown away when I saw your support of my Speak Life sign for speech on both Facebook and Instagram. I was encouraged and once again reminded of the many blessings our profession gives us. “Kind words are like honey—     sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Proverbs 16:24 Words are […]

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App Review: Multi-Syllabic Word Party

Word Party

  Today I’m excited to offer you a chance to win another fabulous app that will help those students with syllable goals! Meet Multi-Syllabic Word Party from Home Speech Room. When you open the app, four options to work on multi-syllabic words are presented:   Each option gives you the choice to work on words […]

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Language in the Classroom {Classroom Culture}

Language in the Classroom

Today I am excited to begin a whole new series on the blog titled “Language in the Classroom.” This series is unique because I’ll be collaborating with Miss Decarbo from Sugar and Spice (one of the best teachers in the world that I have the privilege of working down the hall with) to bring you ideas from two sides. Exciting, […]

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Articulation Cards Using Tier 2 Vocabulary {Giveaway}

Tier Artic 1 BIG

Who says your articulation kids can’t also benefit from increasing their language skills?! Now you can work on both articulation AND language simultaneously in your groups! I needed this. Sometimes, even with the best schedule, it impossible not to group together articulation and language students. These groups can be challenging. Often, I felt like I […]

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Periscope Viewers Sale on Data Collection Binder

Data Binder

As promised on my latest periscope, I’m offering viewers who watched my data session 30% off my Ultimate Data Collection Binder on my blog store (not offered on TPT) this week only. Just remember to type in the secret password that was given out during the periscope session in the promo code area. You can […]

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Teaching Compound Sentences {and Freebie}


Most of my kids can write sentences. That is….simple sentences. “I like apples.” “The dog is running.” “I have a cat.” Sound familiar? Taking it further can be challenging (both for me and for them). However, as they grow, they will need to be able to formulate complete simple AND compound sentences. “When?” you ask? […]

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Social Group Curriculum Bundle {And Giveaway!}

Social Group Curriculum Bundle Image

Well, it took me long enough! I finally posted a BUNDLE version of my Social Group Curriculums for those of you, who like me, have the entire range of grades.     This bundle contains 20 lessons each for both your elementary students AND your middle and high school students. Each curriculum contains REAL-LIFE photos […]

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Whole Brain Teaching for SLPs


Three little words that will change the way you relate to your kids: Whole. Brain. Teaching. One of the newest and effective ways out there to engage students. Perhaps you are ahead of the game and you’ve heard of Whole Brain Teaching, or even utilize it. Or….perhaps you’re more like me who needed to see […]

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THIS. THIS is finally finished after months of work. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this little hashtag floating around: #allisonspeechroom. It symbolizes a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. I’d love for you to stop in and get a little sneak inside my therapy room (also known […]

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